Bluefield, Virginia artwork unites states

Local - 3/18/2014 8:05 PM by Karen Franklin
BLUEFIELD, VA - A college in Tazewell County is the site of new artwork uniting the two Bluefields of Virginia and West Virginia.

With the help of artist Charlie Brouwer, Bluefield College is displaying "Bluefield Rising Together" at the main entrance of the campus. The hundreds of ladders were donated by community members, groups and organizations in the area.

The display is meant to unite the two Blueifelds and much more.

"The hopes and dreams and the prayers of individuals in the community," Chris Shoemaker said. "Individuals who contributed to the project, and individuals have their own hopes and dreams, and he kind of sees those hopes rising up. Those prayers rising up.

"Bluefield Rising Together" will be on display through April 16. Similar artwork appears around the nation in Roanoke, Atlanta and Chattanooga.


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