Sheriff's Office gets new rides

Local - 3/18/2014 5:20 PM by Stuart Hammer

BECKLEY – The Sheriff's Office adds several shiny new toys to its fleet Tuesday morning.

Following the Commission meeting, the Sheriff and Deputies went downstairs to christen five new cruisers.

The Sheriff's Office has to replace about five cars every year due to normal wear and tear.

This time the County Commission secured a pair of Ford Explorers and three Ford Taurus'.

The Police Interceptor model offers an enhanced chassis and a bigger engine. The Sheriff says these new cruisers will be given to well-deserving senior staff.

“As you can imagine with 24/7 road patrol we can stack the miles up on our cruisers,” says Sheriff Steve Tanner.

“They have excellent maintenance but any car is subject to wear and tear. The road conditions, winter time, and the high mileage we put on them.”

The Sheriff's Office says they are overdue for more cruisers and the Commission is working to budget another round to add to the fleet.


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