MacArthur Little General expects business from Wyoming County workers

Local - 3/14/2014 5:02 PM by Karen Franklin

MACARTHUR - A Little General BP is hoping its opening day turnout in MacArthur is a sign of things to come.

Store employees were alongside members of the Beckley Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce Friday to welcome the chain to the area. In addition to an Arby’s, convenience store and Subway, the business also expanded to eight gas pumps.

Officials believe residents returning home from work in Wyoming County will make up a large part of its customers. Employees are very grateful for the support.

“When you go through the time and effort to build something like this, you hope you get the support you think, but it's all a chance,” Little General’s Brian Waugh. “You build something like this, you hope they come, and today from what we've seen, we've really got the support that we thought we would get throughout the whole time.”

Waugh said they have plans to work on a site in Hurricane that will include an Exxon and Dunkin Donuts.


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