Beckley food expo unites buyers with local growers

Local - 3/13/2014 4:44 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - Agriculture experts say interest in producing foods at the local level is growing throughout the state.

Elizabeth Spellman with the West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition told WOAY the state will begin to compile a directory of farmers looking to sell to volume buyers.

On Thursday in Beckley, buyers and growers were marketing in hopes of putting more locals foods in the hands of West Virginians. The expo marks the second meeting of the series.

David Seay helps purchase the foods for Fayette County Schools. He said it's nice to know where the meals come from. 

"We feel like local food is more nutritious, helps the local economy, it helps our carbon footprint, so a lot of reasons but the biggest reason is the best tasting, best nutritious food for the kids," Seay said.

The Food and Farm Coalition hopes the meeting will spark interest in more schools, hospitals and restaurants.

Mike Kwasniewski raises meats and bio-dynamic produce at the Charm Farm in Beverly County. He's hoping to get more clients at the expo.

"I let the product speak for itself," Kwasniewski said. "It is such higher quality that once somebody has a chicken that I produce, they can go buy their Kroger chicken, and they'll just be disappointed, and that's the best marketing. I don't have to have a gimic thing. It's just the product itself."


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