Fire investigation training classes

Local - 3/12/2014 3:59 PM by Stuart Hammer

GLEN JEAN – West Virginia emergency crews team up for fire prevention and investigation classes.

The Division of Forestry and park rangers from local reserves join forces to teach first responders and others the techniques for arson investigation.

The goal is for students to learn the cause, find the origin, and determine legal steps for wild fires.

Officials say arson is a huge problem across the country, and locally arson and brush fires account for more than a third of all fires.

Fire investigator Art Yagel says the job of a fire investigator is vital not only for finding a culprit, but also preventing future burns.

“Any time a heat source comes in contact with the forest fuels, the potential is there for that to spread. Leaves, grass, twigs, brush, that's a continuous bed of fuel.”

Students worked in the field Wednesday morning investigating fires from beginning to end.


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