Pax seeks firefighters

Local - 3/11/2014 2:47 PM by Rachael Cardin

PAX – A Fayette County Fire Department is going through a small recruitment period and share with Newswatch what they are looking for.


The Pax Fire Department is currently looking for more volunteer firefighters. Assistant Chief John Lovelace said they are doing fine now, but he hopes to get a few more volunteers to join the department. The application process includes a 3 page form to be filled out with any previous experience and qualifications. Also, applicants may be subjected to random drug testing. Lovelace said there is no required commitment period, but the job is so rewarding people usually stay with the force.


Lovelace said, “even if you're unsure about joining you could come down here on Tuesday night and watch what we do. The training we do or the meetings we have and see if you'd like it, or might be interested. There's no obligation, but I think it's a very rewarding job."


Anyone interested can come to the Pax Fire Department to pick up an application or search Facebook for ‘Pax Fire Department’ to find out more information.


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