March goal to starve out hunger

Local - 3/11/2014 2:46 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - A Raleigh County church and a regional organization have teamed up to help better the hunger problem in Southern West Virginia.


North Beckley Church of Christ geared up with the United Way of Southern West Virginia to starve out hunger in our communities. A grocery list of example foods has been prepared, which are all non-perishable items and Minister Adam Davis said any donation is appreciated.


United Way has requested that this church collect the foods and donate some of these goods to the food pantry at the United Way office. Davis said 90% of the donations will be sent to the United Way to be distributed throughout the southern part of the state and the remaining 10% will stay at the church to be given out when necessary.


Davis said he will not turn any hungry person away; "1 out of every 5 people are hungry; are food insecure in our community. 18% of children in the state of WV don't have enough food on a daily basis, so it's extremely important to know that they have something on their plate every day. That they come home from school or before they go to school."


Executive Director of the United Way, Margaret Ann O’Neal said, "this is an opportunity for Southern West Virginia to come together and do what we know is the right thing to do. Donate food, support these people... because quite frankly we never know when it's going to be us." >


Donation can be dropped off in the food bin at North Beckley Church of Christ, on Robert C. Byrd Dr.,  or at the United Way office on South Kanahwa St.


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