Fund set up for funerals of youth killed in accident

Local - 3/10/2014 4:57 PM by Rachael Cardin

BRUSHFORK - A car accident that killed two pre-school aged girls is still under investigation on Monday in Mercer County.


After a memorial service is held for 4 year old Madison Jade Tiller, and 19 month old Daralynn Cook Sunday night, Newswatch followed up on the status of this accident. Both girls were in a car driven by Terri A. Wright which was struck by two different vehicles. The drivers of each were sent to the hospital for injuries, and although the preschoolers were wearing seat belts they died as a result. Mercer County Sherriff, Don Meadows, said losing children in this way is a true sadness.


“It's been a round the clock thing and it's a terrible tragedy. People say it's no different than anything else, but it is different. We're not supposed to bury our kids; they're supposed to bury us. And it was a mistake made on the part of one of the drivers we think, that triggered the accident and so we're going from there,” said Meadows.


A memorial fund has been set up to pay for the funeral services of Madison Tiller and Daralynn Cook. First Community Bank said donations can be sent to:

Madison Tiller & Daralynn Cook

First Community Bank

P.O. Box 3068

Bluewell Station

Bluefield, WV 24701


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