Seasoned choir known internationally performs for Mt. Hope

Local - 3/9/2014 10:34 PM by Karen Franklin
MT. HOPE - A seasoned choir that travels around the world to share its sounds has awed a group of churchgoers in Fayette County.

The Mountain Mission School Concert Choir of Grundy, Virginia is a group of 45 students at the high school level. These teens perform for audiences internationally, and on Sunday they shared their sounds with the Mount Hope Christian Church. 

The Mountain Mission School Choir is conducted Mrs. Patti Hertzog, and its mission is to focus attention on Jesus Christ.

"They just have such a wonderful talent, and they're energetic, and it's just made the last hour go by really fast because they've just been such a good group of kids," Pastor Dennis Kinzier said.

Kinzer told WOAY there's usually a five year waiting period to hear the group sing, but because they're in the area, the church was lucky enough to host them.


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