Troop 103 hosts Game Day

Local - 3/9/2014 8:57 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - A boy scout troop hosted a cookout, featuring more than just hot dogs and hamburgers, to raise money for the year.

Boy Scout Troop 103 was cooking up bear, venison, rattlesnake and much more on Sunday at their annual Game Day Cookout. Scout Master Arnold Bolen said the event is always a hit and they expect to serve hundreds of people. Scouts love trying out the unique meats, but traditional food is also featured. The boys believe recipes have been getting better and better over the past 27 years because people keep coming back for more.

Shawn Blevins, from Troop 103, said, "we're making a raw meat dinner, we have rattlesnake, deer and buffalo."

"We have 35 different meat dishes for people to try, wild game, that doesn't count he foods for the squeamish that we have for people who don't like wild meat. We have hot dogs and pizza, beef stew, brown beans, corn bread for those people. But there's lots and lots of venison and bear meat and squirrel and rabbit. Trout, lots of trout...just a lot of different kinds of food, said Bolen.

The Scout Master said this is their main fundraiser and funds will go towards the troops' activities for the year.


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