Marathon concert benefits town's revitalization efforts

Local - 3/8/2014 10:44 PM by Karen Franklin
PRINCETON - Downtown Princeton was alive with music Saturday night in a marathon concert for the masses.

The Clinton Collins Band performed for a crowd at The Turnaround on Mercer Street. They were one of five other groups to take to the stage in a room filled with music lovers. 

All proceeds of the marathon concert will go toward the renovation of the old Royal-Lavon Theater, now known as "The Renaissance." 

Organizers who are working for the beautification of Princeton said it was a great time.

"There's just a real community atmosphere, and this positive energy that's really contagious," Lori McKinney said. "People are just excited. They've wanted this to happen for a really long time."

The Princeton Renaissance Project is a plan to beautify the town with murals, gardens and lighting. 


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