Hundreds are freezin' for a reason

Local - 3/8/2014 6:06 PM by Stuart Hammer

FRANKFORD – Hundreds of “Polar Bears” dive into the icy waters of Anthony creek Saturday afternoon.

The 11th annual Polar Bear Plunge at the Blue Bend Campground in Greenbrier County saw plenty of people Freezin' for a reason.

Even with a beautiful day and temperatures in the upper 50s, the water was just a few degrees above freezing.

Costumes, bathing suits, or just plain street clothes, it doesn't matter. They're all diving in.

“I’m super scared,” said a young girl ready to jump in.

“First time ever, looking forward to it,” said another shirtless man. When asked if he was nervous, “Not at all.”

A woman in her bathing suit with a friend in costume said, “I had a pair of chopsticks and I said I was a walrus. But I figured it was safer to not jump in with the chopsticks 'cause I’d poke my eye out.”

After emerging from the chilly waters, folks were shivering and grasping for towels.

“Yes, freezing cold. It's 36 degrees out there!”

“I know they said it's still 36 but it was a lot colder this year I think than last year.”

The plunge is all for the Child and Youth Advocacy Center which fights to help end child abuse.


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