Lambert sentenced; First degree murder with no opportunity for parole

Local - 3/6/2014 7:59 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY – A very emotional 2 week trial wrapped up on Thursday afternoon in Raleigh County.

A stabbing that happened 2 years ago finally had its day in court. Raleigh County Prosecutor, Kristen Keller, gave her closing remarks to the jury about the defendant and murderer, Jeremy Lambert.


Keller said, “when a woman rejects him he forms homicidal intentions. He thinks about it. He thinks about it and he plans killing people."


The defendant's attorney, Tom Dyer, attempted to direct the jury's attention to what constitutes first degree murder and asks if evidence shows it was present in this case; "this issue is not 'did he have the capacity to premeditate ' the issue is 'did he?' Did he premeditate this act?”


It took the jury less than an hour to deliberate. Jeremy Lambert will be spending his life in prison without the opportunity for parole for murdering Cyan Maroney.


Maroney’s family members said they will never be repaid for their loss. "Bring Cyan back, I mean that's the only thing that would really truly be 'just' here," said her father, Michael Maroney.


Keller summed up what ultimately convicted Lambert, and why he will spend the rest of his life behind bars: “Cyan Maroney was so completely innocent of any wrong doing and so incredibly talented and artistic and had so much to offer this world. The fact is, like many domestic murders, it is like we proved; because this anti-social defendant when he wants a woman, who doesn't want him, reacts with rage and revenge and destroys her.”


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