Fires roar across W. Va., cause for concern among officials

Local - 3/5/2014 5:02 PM by Stuart Hammer

BECKLEY – The recent outbreak of fires across the Mountain State has officials concerned about a lapse in safety.

Fire officials say 40 percent of fires are cooking-related, meaning paying just a little bit more attention when using the stove can make all the difference.

Officials say older homes are more prone to burning because they are dry, and often have more stored away in attics that makes for perfect fuel.

But Beckley Fire Chief Billie Trump says the bad weather also has a lot to do with the sudden increase of fires.

“Everybody wants this weather to be over with. They're tired and so maybe they're not paying as much attention.”

Trump adds that the bad weather affects his firefighters as well.

“The roads have been really hard to maneuver on. We have two put chains on the truck; that slows the trucks down considerably.”

Officials say fire spreads and doubles every couple of minutes, so seconds count.


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