UPDATE: State brings forth more witnesses on day 7 of the Lambert murder trial

Local - 3/5/2014 5:17 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - The defense rested on Wednesday in the murder trial of 33 year old Oak Hill resident Jeremy James Lambert.

Although the defense has rested, prosecuting attorney Kristen Keller had 6 more witnesses to call, as she attempted to prove Lambert's premeditation in the Murder of Cyan Maroney.

Final witnesses testified for the state, include an ex-girlfriend who Lambert became violent with once the relationship ended. Among these were 2 former comrades from when Lambert was deployed to Kuwait that later became roommates. A medical professional also testified about performing pre-employment psych tests on the defendant while interviewing for the Beckley Police Department . A current Corporal for the Beckley PD, who started out the WV Police Academy with Lambert spoke of when and why the defendant quit the academy. The final witness was a psychologist who has evaluated the mental state of the defendant. Ex-girlfriend, Dr. Jenniffer Osbourne recalled for the jury one of her experiences with Lambert right after a break up: "we did get him corralled into the car to the back seat. And so we're driving away and he kept yelling, saying that I couldn't leave him and a couple of profanities and then he threw his arm around my neck from behind the chair and started pulling tighter, and I was begging him to please stop because he was choking me."

Former comrade, Shawn Jarrell, explained the lack of stress he experienced in Kuwait: "it was no more stressful than what you would do during an exercise. Like I said, it was barely normal stressful, it was definitely not traumatically stressful."

The trial will resume on Thursday with closing arguments from the State and Defense. Stick with Newswatch as we stay in the court room through deliberation.


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