New park planned in Raleigh County

Local - 3/4/2014 5:27 PM by Stuart Hammer

BECKLEY – The Raleigh County Commission is one step closer to reviving a section of Glen Daniel.

The site of the old Trap Hill High School in Surveyor has finally been demolished, pleasing many residents in the area.

Commissioners say they received more compliments about removing, what they call, an eye-sore than ever before.

Officials say it cost $37,000 to level the property and all that's left to do now is lay grass seed.

They have big plans for the future of the property.

Commissioner Dave Tolliver says, “We have to determine if the people that own the building or own the land wants to give it over to the county to possibly put a park in there.”

Commissioners say a park would be a perfect fit for the site, as a football field is already in place.


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