UPDATE: Medical expert takes stand in Lambert's murder trail

Local - 3/4/2014 5:18 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - The murder trial of 33 year old Jeremy James Lambert resumed Tuesday after Monday’s weather cancellation.

The trial began with an expert witness, called by the defense, to testify on Lambert's mental state. With this testimony the defense hopes to prove that Lambert was unable to pre-meditate the murder due to existing mental disorders. Raleigh County Prosecutor Kristen Keller cross examined the witness, finding loopholes in his original statements.

Doctor Lawson Bernstein is a Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychiatrist, who specializes in post- traumatic - stress – disorder (PTSD). Bernstein testified that he evaluated certain records involving Lamberts medical history, but based parts of his diagnosis on a face-to-face interview with the defendant. Bernstein said he does not believe Lambert was able to pre-meditate the murder of Cyan Maroney while suffering from these various mental diseases...one of which is a chronic case of p-t-s-d.

Bernstein said, "if you're one to two years out and you're still symptomatic, the likelihood of it going away; either spontaneously or with treatment is pretty low. There is chronic (like any medical disorder) there is chronic PTSD. He suffers from chronic PTSD."

The defense attorney Mary Dyer asked, “Did those mental defects, or diseases render Jeremy incapable of pre-meditating or forming intent to kill Cyan Maroney?” and Bernstein answered, “3 of them did. I don't believe the alcohol use would have met the criteria for diminishing capacity."

The case will resume Wednesday, so stick with Newswatch on - air and online as we follow the trial through deliberation.


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