322 Neville deemed 'health hazard'

Local - 3/3/2014 12:01 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - A building on Neville Street in Beckley was deeemed 'condemned' with no advance notice to the owner and no recent building inspection.

322 Neville Street in Beckley is owned by Sarah Birchfield and she said her most recent tenant was the owner of The Bake Shoppe. Once that business moved across the street, Birchfield said two weeks later a sign posted on her door caught her off guard. The sign placed the building under a 'health hazard' and said it was unsafe for human occupancy. Birchfield brought the issue up before Beckley City Council and said she was never warned about this and a recent inspection should be done before a sign is posted. City Council members even found it strange.

City Council member Tom Sopher said, "2 weeks after she lost her tenant, this health hazard issue sign was put on her door. Seems kinda strange too; it was put on her door and it was dated like February 1st...which was a Saturday and I found that kinda unusual. She got no notice before hand."

Birchfield has sought legal advice and is working to build a case to get the issue resolved. Dan Bickey owns most of the property uptown and had offered to buy the building before it was deemed 'condemned' and City Council members said they suspect foul play.


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