UPDATE: Lambert takes the stand for his murder trial

Local - 2/27/2014 6:10 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - 33 year old Jeremy James Lambert, a man accused of brutally murdering a women in October of 2011 took the stand on Thursday.

Lambert testfied and said that he now know he killed Cyan Maroney, but said he does not remember the action of doing so.

Lambert was the 1st and only witness the defense called to the stand on Thursday. Raleigh County Prosecutor, Kristen Keller, cross examined Lambert regarding his relation to the murder of Cyan Maroney and Lambert said, under oath, that he did kill Maroney by stabbing her.  The actually action of the stabbing is what Lambert said, he does not recall. He explained to the jury that he remembers purchasing the murder weapon and all of his actions throughout that day, except for the murder itself.

The defense is hoping to prove that Lambert suffers from PTSD along with other psychological disorders that would explain such acts without recollection.

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