Teachers pay raise bill moves out of Senate

Local - 2/26/2014 5:25 PM by Stuart Hammer

CHARLESTON – The Senate briefly debated a bill that will increase teachers’ pay across the state by almost $1,000.

Senators at the Capitol approved a bill Wednesday that will grant teachers an across-the-board pay raise of $837.

The bill originated as a 2-percent increase but was later changed to an across-the-board raise.

Officials say the change was to stay within the budget for teachers pay.

Senators say education is in desperate need of a boost in the state, and that change starts with teachers. But coming to the decision wasn't easy.

“To be giving raises to anybody in the middle of a budget crisis has you going to examine your thought process,” says Senator Bill Cole, a Republican from Mercer County.

“Having said that,” adds Cole, “education is – well, we're in trouble in the state of West Virginia. We're putting out virtually a last-place student right now.”

The bill also grants school service personnel a 2-percent pay increase. Next it will head to the House for consideration.


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