Nurses 'Unite' at the Capitol

Local - 2/26/2014 5:23 PM by Stuart Hammer

CHARLESTON – Nurses from across West Virginia converge on the Capitol today in hopes of improving their standing in the medical field.

Nurses from West Virginia University and across the Mountain State were represented for Unity Day, a day where nurses come together as one.

They were at the Capitol today urging lawmakers to consider their standing in medicine.

Officials are worried that with the Affordable Care Act, patients will soon exceed doctors, so nurses want more authority to pick up the slack.

“The laws will help support us to be able to function at the full scope of our practice, so that we're able to do what we're trained to do instead of being limited by law,” says WVU nursing student Heather Weaver.

“If we're trained to write prescriptions, we should be able to write prescriptions. If we're trained to diagnose and see patients, we should be able to do that,” added Weaver.

Officials at Unity Day say 1 in 43 West Virginian’s are nurses, so there is plenty of care to go around.


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