Senate approves gun regulations bill

Local - 2/26/2014 5:21 PM by Stuart Hammer

CHARLESTON – The West Virginia Senate unanimously approved a bill that will limit what cities can do to regulate gun purchases.

The bill passed through the senate Tuesday that will allows for a uniform set of gun rules across the state rather than rely on cities and counties to regulate different laws.

Senators say they understand guns are part of the history and culture of West Virginia, but Bill 317 is simply designed to create consistency and a more transparent interpretation of the law rather than make changes.

Senator William Laird, a Democrat from Fayette County, says the bill will make gun ownership much simpler.

“(It) provided clarification on the ability to access certain public areas with concealed weapons permits,” says Laird. And it will help prevent the government from overstepping its boundaries.

“Matters in which the proper use of our Second Amendment rights cannot be unduly restricted by local units of government,” added Laird.

The House of Delegates will now consider the bill before it goes to the Governor.


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