Murder trial involving Jeremy Lambert: Day 3

Local - 2/26/2014 5:16 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY – The trial continued for an Oak Hill man charged with first degree murder, killing Cyan Maroney of Beckley by stabbing her with a 14” Winchester Bowie Knife.


More witnesses for the state’s case take the stand. Starting off for the trial on Wednesday was an old acquaintance of Lambert whom he called before and after committing the crime. Following her testimony the state medical examiner provided pictures and description for the jury. Forensic and DNA specialists recounted evidence they were given on Lambert’s shirt, relating to him to the crime. An employee working at the Beckley Walmart when Lambert purchased the murder weapon showed surveillance footage of the transaction. Raleigh County Prosecutor, Kristen Keller, created a timeline of the incident for the jury members. The actual recording of what Lambert told law enforcement officers the night he was caught was played for the court room as well. One of the quotes from that recording stated:  "Absolutely...there is a huge possibility right there. To my recollection I didn't do anything but did I? Probably"



Of course the trial will resume and take up much of the week as the defense still has to call their witnesses up to testify. Stick with Newswatch throughout the case as we track this trial down to its verdict.


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