Senate approves new Vet nursing home

Local - 2/25/2014 4:40 PM by Stuart Hammer

CHARLESTON – A bill passes through the State Senate that will allow Raleigh County to build a new nursing home for veterans.

Senate Bill 523 passed through the Senate today by a unanimous vote. The bill allows the transfer of 17 acres of land behind the Jackie Withrow Hospital in Beckley to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

The proposed VA nursing home will have 120 beds and help relieve some of the stress on the Clarksburg facility, which is only other VA facility in the state.

Senator Mike Green says there are more than 22,000 veterans living in West Virginia, and he is looking forward to the bill's move through the house.

“Well the next step is that it'll have to go for the House of Delegates for their consideration. But I’m confident that it'll garner and gain the support of those folks over there.”

Green says he is honored to help veterans, and is very proud of this bill.


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