New River Health Center Enrollment Challenge

Local - 2/24/2014 5:16 PM by Rachael Cardin

OAK HILL - A health care system designed to help students and parents, holds an enrollment challenge.


School Health Director at New River Health Association said they hope to get 100 students enrolled at each health center by mid-March. Oak Hill High School, Collins Middle School, New River Elementary School, Mount Hope Elementary School and Valley Middle and High Schools have health center locations on their school campuses. Officials said this makes it easy for kids to get their doctors’ appointments in without missing too much instructional time. The offices are staffed with physicians and nurses as well as mental health specialists and dental hygienists at various times. The director said the service is a time-saver.


“It's a great collaboration between school system and community and something that benefits kids and parents ultimately. If kids don't have to leave school to attend a doctor's appointment that keeps them in school," said Director, Celi Van Dyke.


Officials said the enrollment challenge will be on-going until March 14th. Students are encouraged to sign up for the health service by filling out the online packet, which can be found at


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