'Home Educator's Day'

Local - 2/20/2014 5:34 PM by Rachael Cardin

CHARLESTON - It was "West Virginia Home Educators Day" at the Capitol and organizers said they hope to make a point.

Those who choose to home school their children said they have good reason for doing so. The Vice Chair of the organization, Stephanie Butcher, told Newswatch that government involvement and specific cirriculum is not what she wanted for her children's schooling. She said over 500 families in her area are members of the home schooling group, and that's only a fraction of who home schools in West Virginia. She said a varied lesson plan, cultivated toward each child's needs, is the best way for some children to learn.

Butcher said, "families use all different kinds of curriculum and we change, we adapt based on what's best for our kids and that's one of the things that's so great about home schooling because we have the ability to do what's best for our own children."

Children and their parent-teachers were present to discuss this issue with any legislator or person from the public.


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