Senate debate over taxes

Local - 2/20/2014 5:33 PM by Rachael Cardin

CHARLESTON - Heated discussion on the Senate floor was sparked over a tax increase and the price of gas.

A Senate bill involving a 7% increase for businesses in the state was reason for debate. The bill is not being voted on and is still in the amendment stage, but Senators were fiercely divided. Some said this will increase gas prices and push 'mom and pop' shops out of business if they do not have gas as a product. Others believe gas is not a product that yields much profit because of the competitive market. Senator Ronald Miller said he believes voting on this will be pushed back so that more research can be done.

Senator Ronald Miller from Greenbrier said, "I don't have a feeling on that. I was on the subcommittee, I understand the issue so I don't mind moving ahead...will it save money for consumers, and that's the ultimate goal, as one Senator from Braxton said. Will it save money for consumers in West Virginia and citizens in West Virginia; maybe."

The bill has not been voted on, but has advanced to its third reading and may be pushed into the summer session.


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