Bill to allow alcohol service on a Sunday passed

Local - 2/20/2014 5:32 PM by Rachael Cardin

CHARLESTON - A bill was passed in the House of Delegates on Thursday regarding how early alcohol can be served on a Sunday.

House of Delegate members passed a bill that allows liquor, wine and beer to be served before noon on Sundays. The issue was slightly debated, but delegates were in agreement that the state should move this action into legislation. Delegate John Pino from Fayette County said it will particularly help his area, seeing as Fayetteville has had a tourism boom in the past few years. Pino said he knows faith based areas will be against the passage.

Pino said, "we've rapidly become a tourism destination and people come from out of state and where they come from it's not unusual to have a drink before noon on Sunday with their brunch or whatever. I think it has promise of economic development."

Pino said there will be some opposition to the bill if passed into law, but these folks can always choose to not take advantage of this new right.


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