Powerball lottery has some hopeful

Local - 2/19/2014 11:09 PM by Kevin Jacobs

Oak Hill - West Virginia lottery hopefuls are trying there luck at an estimated $400-Million Jackpot.

But, there are not the only ones hoping to hit big. Millions of Americans are trying their odds at the estimated $400-Million Powerball. Wednesday night's drawing comes with a big prize since no one claimed saturday's drawing. We caught up with some lottery hopefuls here in southern West Virginia who say it has to be a big one to get them into the fun.

"It's about the only time I buy it anymore since it went two dollars is when it gets big like that and hope my luck is good," said Clara Thorne.

"We'll get together and put a few dollars together and see what we can do. Be lucky enough to hit it and we want to have to worry about anyone else," said Ronald Coleman.

Wednesday's drawing is the 6th largest in US lottery history.


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