Secret Sandwich Society supports Earth Day

Local - 2/19/2014 4:34 PM by Rachael Cardin

FAYETTEVILLE - A Fayette County restaurant will host a fundraising event at the end of the week to help a local organization prepare for Earth Day.

Secret Sandwich Society will donate a precentage of their sales after a full day of serving customers. Owner of the restaurant told Newswatch that the sandwish shop will open at 11 AM and stay open until 9 PM on February 21st. They will host a trivia night that evening, serving drinks and appetizers for the late crowd. The menu on the 21st will also feature a new sandwich and soup. Owner Lewis Rhinehart said his business is a supporter of the Fayette County Green Advisory Team and his restaurant even tries to reduce their own carbon footprint.

"We really try to keep it as local as we can, and we try to use organic whenever we can, and it really does tie in well with the Earth Day thing. You know, we use recyclable materials for our to-go containers and things like that. Also, we recycle all our cans and our cardboard so we try to reduce our footprint," said Rhinehart.

The fundraiser will be held on February 21st and a percentage of the sales will be donated to the Fayette County Green Advisory Team for Earth Day festivities.


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