Hinton goes to the movies to fight bullying

Local - 2/18/2014 11:24 PM by Kevin Jacobs

The community of Hinton takes a stand against bullying.

Advocates promote the preventative efforts with a movie titled "Bully" Tuesday evening at the Ritz Theatre. More than 150 people from the community came out to see the movie. They also signed a pledge not to be a bully. Their pledge got them free popcorn, drinks and a ticket to the 45-minute documentary.

Adolescent Health Initiative Coordinator RESA 1 Selina Vickers says bullying is not only hurtful but it's disruptive.

"We expect kids to go to school and learn and can you just imagine how difficult it is to go in and take a test when you were just physically and verbally harassed in the bathroom."

Vickers suggest kids to adopt a buddy system whether being bullied or a by stander to step in and interrupt the situation.

West Virginia Crimes Against Children Task Force addressed the audience immediately following the film on the dangers of social media.


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