Spelling Bee champ preps for Regionals

Local - 2/18/2014 6:08 PM by Stuart Hammer
BEAVER - Sports, books, and video games. Just a few activities school kids enjoy in their down time. But spelling? That's an exclusive club. Newswatch spoke to the Raleigh County winner.

Victory Baptist Academy 8th grader Abby Stimson spelled a 45-letter word.


She spelled it flawlessly.

You might be wondering what in the world that is.

“It's a lung disease. It's caused by like a person inhaling silica dust,” says Abby.

Relgion teacher Sam Childers couldn’t be happier to see Abby’s success.

"I think it's awesome. The words that they would give - never heard of - have no clue where to start spelling, and she would just spell them right out. So I think she does a very great job."

Abby is a five-time school champion and has represented Victory Baptist at the county competition for the last five years.

"It takes a lot of studying. It really does. They give you the list to study and everything, and I just really know those inside and out,” says Abby.

Childers says the exposure for the school is a bonus, but it’s all about the kids. "(It’s) great for the school and great for them and their families. it's neat. It's mostly them and their families more than me."

"I went to regional last year and I ended up placing fourth overall and I just want to do better this year,” Abby tells us.

“But I’m really thankful just to be able to go. Because most kids can't say they've done that."

No, Abby. Most kids can't say they've spelled a 45-letter word.


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