Bill passes; prescription needed for Sudafed

Local - 2/18/2014 5:54 PM by Rachael Cardin

CHARLESTON - The West Virginia State Senate passed a bill on Tuesday to make drugs used in the production of Methamphetamine available only by prescription.

The same bill failed to pass last year, but with the increase in meth labs; these statistics helped the bill pass.

Senator Mike Green said, " last year the bill was defeated on a tie vote, this year, with the proliferation with the methamphetamine labs, and so forth that we've had has contributed to much more support for the legislation."

Supporters of the bill, one of which was William Laird, said the NPlex system has been working, but it's just not getting the job done.


"We've had some experience, positive experience with the NPlex system which was used to track the purchase and sale of pseudo ephedrine products through out the state that have resulted in a number of criminal arrests. But I think the step forward as far as prescription, will further tighten those requirements and I think we should see positive effects real soon," said Laird.

With the issue growing into an epidemic, Senators know 1 law will not wipe out the illegal use, but they hope it will decrease the production aspect.

Wyoming County Senator, Daniel Hall, said, "we're not unrealistic to think that were going to solve the meth problem overnight. This bill is about controlling the meth labs, and meth lab houses, and mobile meth labs in cars and hotel rooms."

Senate Bill 6 was slightly debated on the floor, but eventually did pass. It was not a unanimous vote, however certain senators said this is exactly what law enforcement needs.

Hall said," the police have told us and they testify, the drug task force officers, they've testified and said, unequivocally they have no doubt that this will help them with their job."

A healthy future is what West Virginians should strive for, acording to Senator Mike Green; "that's the overall goal, is to provide a safer place for our young people to thrive and have an opportunity to succeed in life"


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