Water protests at the Capitol

Local - 2/17/2014 6:07 PM by Stuart Hammer

CHARLESTON – More than a month after the chemical spill in Charleston, many West Virginians say they still prefer filling jugs of water from a tanker truck over trusting the tap in their kitchen.

Locals were in Charleston today to confront their state representatives about the water crisis.

Government officials said weeks ago that the running water across nine counties was suitable for all needs but mixed messages from officials have kept many in the public skeptical.

Newswatch spoke to protesters in the capitol who are not happy with their elected officials.

Harrison County native Autumn Long has family in Kanawha County and says they are still suffering without a suitable water supply.

“Without clean, safe, healthy water to drink, people can't conduct business. They can't live their lives. You can't expect people to live in an area where they can't feel safe about their water.”

Long says she hopes to see some changes, and soon. She encourages people to take a look at their elected officials and ask if they’re doing all they can to protect the communities.


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