Seniors rally for change in Charleston

Local - 2/17/2014 6:06 PM by Stuart Hammer

CHARLESTON – A coalition of groups representing seniors in West Virginia convenes at the Capitol today to support their future.

A senior rally focusing on access and choice for in-home care took over a wing of the State Capitol.

Speakers voiced support for eliminating a freeze on the West Virginia Aged and Disabled Waiver Program.

The program currently serves more than 7,000 West Virginians and 2,000 more are waiting to enter.

Officials say in-home care is funded by the program and is cheaper than nursing homes. But money is being wasted with the current format and changes are needed.

“I think it just needs to be presented and sold and analyzed, said President of the Senate Jeff Kessler, “If it is cheaper, better quality care at a cheaper price than that seems to be an easy sell.”

Kessler says a legislative move will be the next step in creating change.


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