Faucets spout brown water

Local - 2/17/2014 6:00 PM by Rachael Cardin

ALPOCA – 2 Wyoming County communities still don’t have clean drinking water and residents want answers. Folks living there said the water has been like this for more than 6 months.


Folks in Alpoca and Bud never know what color the water will be when it comes out of their faucet, but this weekend's water shocked everyone.


Jessica Griffith, a resident of Garwood, has family in Alpoca and said, "when you turn the water on, it's extremely yellow, there's a smell to it. It leaves a film in everything you do. It's ruining our toilets our sinks, everything When everybody turned the water on Sunday morning it was just this thick brown water, it looked like coffee running straight out of your faucet. You can't do anyting, it's just not practical."


Griffith has 4 young children, 3 of which go to Herndon Consolidated School and cannot drink the water there either.


She said,  “ya, they've got the sinks covered and the water fountains covered but these young kids, there's no way they're even gettin their hands clean with hand sanitizer all the time, if they're even using it."


The school principal said the water does not contain bacteria, but they will continue to serve bottled water to their students and force them to wash their hands with hand sanitizer.


Principal Virginia Lusk said, “different times it's brown, someday it's the color of watered down lemonade. Some days it's gold. They have to get the right chemical mixture in there. They are treating the water and they have to get the right chemical mixture to clear it up. There's no bacteria in the water, it's not harmful it's just discolored.”


"The students’ safety is our utmost concern and we have taken from day one every precaution," said Lusk.


State officials said the people in Alpoca and Bud are being heard. A solution is on its way according to Senator Mike Green.


"The people are concerned and were working towards and end result which is a solution so those folks can have water. But at the end of the day they don't have water. So I'm very sympathetic with the folks here in Charleston with the water crisis but I want to tell everyone in Wyoming county that their problems will not be ignored. I will not let their concerns be ignored and we will continue to be a voice and advocate and we will continue to bring attention to that's situation until those folks have potable water,” said Green.


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