Frozen locals fed up with the snow

Local - 2/16/2014 5:53 PM by Stuart Hammer

OAK HILL – The winter weather just doesn't want to go away, and that's left residents in the Mountain State feeling frozen.

"It's ridiculous, I mean I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said Travis Lipscomb, a native of Oak Hill.

“Good grief, we got two feet of snow, then the next day we get 3 more inches. And it's been cold too!"

William Smith is from Oak Hill, and says the snow has made life difficult.

"Where I live at it's hard to get in and out. Missed a little bit of work over it."

Piles of snow are becoming a usual sight for folks in Southern West Virginia. Officials estimate close to four feet of snow has fallen this season with more still on the way.

"Crazy man. A couple of years ago we had about 3 feet, Lipscomb said, “Haven't had this for a while"

Matthew Roberts is a 7th grader at Collins Middle School in Oak Hill. He’s torn on the cold weather.

"Me and my little brother went out and built an igloo today and a tunnel… It’s been fun and also not so fun because we'll have to go longer in the summer... And I don't want to go longer in the summer."

Most of the residents we spoke to say the snow is good for a few snowball fights, but aside from that, they're ready for the warm weather.

"Probably more like 20 (inches) at my house, at least. I guess with drifting and stuff, but... (I’m) ready for spring,” Williams said.

Bitter cold wind chills, slick roads, and piles and piles of snow.

All part of a West Virginia winter.


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