Icy Fayetteville roads cause multiple crashes

Local - 2/15/2014 9:56 PM by Derek Dole and Kevin Jacobs
FAYETTEVILLE - Some Fayetteville residents believe multiple car accidents on their street are caused by the failure to keep roadways clear and treated.

Dispatchers said that one child suffered minor injuries in a head-on crash on Henkel Road. Fayetteville police and fire, and Jan-care ambulance responded to the scene. Two other people involved in the crash refused treatment. Witnesses said that it was the fourth crash within an hour. They also allege that lack of care for the road is the reason for dangerous conditions.

"This is the fourth wreck here in the last hour so something needs to be done about it as soon as possible," said witness Justin Kinsler. "They are always bad; the state doesn't take care of it at all, and if they cleaned there would less wrecks as far as that goes."

Shortly after the crash was reported, the state sent out a snow plow with salt to treat the area.


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