DuBois School walking tour

Local - 2/14/2014 3:40 PM by Rachae Cardin

MOUNT HOPE - A local business knew how to kick-off a real Black History Month celebration by hosting a historic tour of an African American landmark.


Jean Evansmore, the director and founder of DuBois on Main, said the DuBois school has more history to it than anyone realizes. She explained how the African American children had to go to a black school, but the buildings were spread out. The tour will visit a few of the churches that once held classrooms, the remainder of the tour will be seeing where the educators once taught since many of the building are gone or deteriorating. Evansmore said a lot of people coming out of DuBois School have been extremely successful. She hopes to share their stories to everyone who comes out for the tour.


Evansmore said, “this is basically to honor those students. What they had to do to get their education because so many people don't have a clue, they don't realize.”


The event has been postponed from February 15th to Saturday February 22nd. Evansmore wanted to inform anyone interested that there will be an "all you can eat" meal after the tour. $7 for adults and $4 dollars for children. 


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