Division of Highways officials say keeping up with snowfall is a "major difficulty"

Local - 2/13/2014 5:08 PM by Karen Franklin
OAK HILL - Workers out salting and plowing the roadways Thursday said its hard keeping up with the continuous snowfall.

Danny Hypes with the Division of Highways told Newswatch his men will be working 12-hour shifts around the clock until all roads are clear. 

The DOH is in charge of 800 miles of West Virginia roads. Hypes said 22 county trucks and five other vehicles grate, load, drop abrasives and and spread "salt brine" to keep the snow from bonding to the streets.  

"Bigger snow, we do more plowing, and we try to keep the traffic flowing -- what's out there -- and get people to stay off the road where they can," Hypes said.

The DOH has also used a bigger gravel mix this time around in hopes of making travel less difficult. 


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