Route 3 is cleared and open

Local - 2/12/2014 3:24 PM by Rachael Cardin

SUN DIAL - Residents along Route 3 were happy to hear that the rock slide has been cleared, and the road is re-opened.


After being blocked off for almost 2 months, Route 3 in Sun Dial has been re-opened for travel. Division of Highway officials previously told Newswatch that the road was unsafe due to more rock that might fall at any time. After crews dedicated weeks to blasting and removing the dangerous mountain side, neighbors said they are relieved. The detour to get to Whitesville from the Naoma side of Route 3 took some travelers over an hour, with an approximate 40 mile detour. 1 Rock Creek resident said it’s about time, but other areas are prone to have similar issues.  


A resident of Rock Creek, Frank Stump, said, “I'm a retired coal miner, but I did travel that and my sons travel that to go to work. So I think it's about time it should be open. That other rock cliff coming around the curve there, that hangs over definitely needs looked at because somebody somewhere is going to get hurt sooner or later.”


As Route 3 has gained back its former commuters, signs warn travelers to beware of falling rock in that area.


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