Ronceverte Elem. showcases new gym

Local - 2/11/2014 11:12 PM by Kevin Jacobs

RONCEVERTE - Ronceverte Elementary School shows off its brand new gymnasium.

Fourth and fifth graders were the host of Tuesday night's open house. They proudly showed off their new gym to mom's, dad's and board members.

Parents also got to see science and social studies' projects while at the event. Ronceverte Elementary Fifth Grade Team Teacher Sharon Byers says the kids have been anxious since the very start and that are excited beyond their imagination.

"The first day they got into the gym as they came back, they said, "we get to play in the gym." It was wonderful and every day we can, we go into the gym," said Sharon Byers.

"Well, a school is not only a school for children to go during the day, but it's also part of a community. We want our community of Ronceverte to come in and see this facility, which will be here for many years. This gym will be available for their use as well, and have the opportunity to celebrate in this wonderful moment," said Sallie Dalton, Greenbrier County Superintendent of Schools.

Greenbrier County board members held their meeting in the new gym immediately following the open house.


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