Thirteen businesses cited for selling alcohol to minors

Local - 2/11/2014 4:27 PM
RALEIGH COUNTY - Thirteen businesses were cited with selling alcohol to underage buyers in an undercover sting.

Officers from the Beckley police and Raleigh county sheriff's office partnered with agents from the state alcohol beverage control agency.To conduct an underage alcohol sting throughout Raleigh county. The sting used underage buyers who were assisted by undercover agents.

"I find it each time that we do it, sometimes we do really well, sometimes we do really bad. this was not a good one," said Lt. Paul Blume with the Beckley police "When you see that many, just look at the number of stores, we actually hit were about 38 but that is a high buy rate and that is not what we want."

The sting was funded by the southern regional highway safety program.


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