Department of Highways stocked on salt

Local - 2/11/2014 4:10 PM by Stuart Hammer

OAK HILL – Winter weather continues to sweep across Southern West Virginia, and that's keeping the Department of Highways busy.

Fayette County is preparing for the next round of arctic weather by stocking up on salt and prepping the plow trucks with new sets of tires.

Administrator for the DOH, Danny Hypes, says this has been one of the worst winters he can remember, but his crew is working around the clock as long as snow remains on the roads.

Hypes says his team has likely seen the worst of it, so he is ready to tackle another round.

β€œIt's been a tough winter, but we still have plenty of salt to take care of us. I do have some on order and they're starting to distribute some out now. I don't see it really a concern now.”

Hypes says the department is constantly ordering more salt between storms to maintain the stockpile.


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