Online scam circulates our area

Local - 2/11/2014 4:47 AM by Rebecca Turco
FAYETTEVILLE - Fayette County Sheriff Steve Kessler is warning residents to be wary of an online scam that is hitting the local area.

Kessler said he received reports of a scam circulating on Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Individuals allegedly reported receiving messages from their Facebook friends stating that they won a large amount of money and the "friend" then forwards a link to the website where the individual can determine how much they have won. But when users click on the link, they are asked to provide private information and submit a processing fee. 

Kessler said residents need to be aware this is a fraud. You will never be asked for your banking account information or asked to submit a "processing fee" for any legitimate raffle or contest. 

Anyone who is contacted about winning any type of prize who thinks that they might be the potential victim of a scam is urged to contact their local law enforcement agency.


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