Student being called hero from bus accident

Local - 2/10/2014 11:58 PM by Derek Dole
OAK HILL - Authorities are calling a Fayette County high school student a hero.

"My first instinct was to help the kids and get them assessed and call 911," said Jacob Sargent. 

Sargent was riding on the bus that crashed on January 5 along Route 61 outside Montgomery. The bus hit a wall with nearly thirty middle and high school students on board. 

According to officials, the bus driver was proceeding on his route from Valley Middle and High schools when the accident occurred. When the crash happened, Sargent, who is an Armstrong volunteer firefighter immediately jumped into action. 

"I grabbed the first aide kit from the front of the bus and put on my gloves and I started triage if like they had pieces of glass on their skin I just pulled it off and told them to hold pressure to stop belling and a couple of the kids had cut on their face," he said. "I told them to hold pressure to get it to stop so I could see how bad it was and then I would tell the students to range their pain from one-to-ten." 

Students were transported to area hospitals and were later released to their parents. Sargent had a few words he wanted to share with the students he helped save. 

"They all did so good staying put and not running off. Everyone did what they suppose to." 

The school district plans to recognize Sargent for his heroic actions at the March 3 school board meeting.


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