Oak Hill efforts for safe properties

Local - 2/10/2014 11:46 PM by Kevin Jacobs
The City of Oak Hill is enforcing new regulations for business owners.

Starting with new business at Monday evenings council meeting, city councilors discussed the structural inspection board's recommendations for three dilapidated buildings. The city plans to move forward with demolition in the event the property owners do not meet city ordinances. One building on that list is an old apartment building on the corner of School Street and Central Avenue. City Manager Bill Hannabass says the city will demolish buildings that are deemed unsafe.

"The City of Oak Hill has historically kept on top of that and there's not that many dilapidated properties in Oak Hill compared to a lot of communities in southern West Virginia. In addition to that we have an unsafe structure ordinance that if it's deemed unsafe, we order the property owner to demolish and if they don't do it, we will," Bill Hannabass, City Manager - Oak Hill.

Hannabass says the city's 'vacant property registration program' discourages business owners from leaving a building vacant over an extended period of time. Also, councilors revisited sewage issues to place stricter regulations on businesses to frequently clean out their grease traps.


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