School board looks to regroup after vote fails

Local - 2/9/2014 5:06 PM by Stuart Hammer

RALEIGH COUNTY – School officials are forced to look elsewhere for funding after a vote fails to pass.

Nearly 63 percent of voters in Raleigh County voted in favor of the excess levy. The levy has been in place since 1941 and does not affect any current taxes.

However the $39 million bond failed to pass with just 31 percent of voters in favor.

The bond would have provided the school board finances to renovate and rebuild schools across Raleigh Co. But it would have come at the cost of taxpayers.

School Superintendent James Brown says he is disappointed with the results, but respects the decision of the Raleigh Co. citizens.

“One thing we know is that the need is not going to go away. The reality is schools are going to continue to age, and unfortunately we have several that are in need of some renovation, some additions, and we do have some schools that need to be replaced with new facilities.”

Brown says they are no plans for other funding for facility upgrades at this time.


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