Kids compete in Valentine's day fundraiser

Local - 2/8/2014 4:33 PM by Derek Dole
A beauty pageant in Beckley was held today at Woodrow Wilson High School. 

In the pageant both boys and girls can compete in their respective age brackets. Participants ranged from birth to 21-years-old competed to be the 2013 Cupid Cutie. The Valentine's day themed event is an annual fundraiser that puts newspapers into area classrooms. Everyone who enters is given a crown and trophy. 

"Basically the kids just get on stage and represent something about valentine's day, pink, red, hearts, orange, and they get up there and just have a good time," said the 2012 winner, Kelsey Knoous.

Because of the success of today's event pageant coordinators said that future fundraisers are planned.


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