Gayle Manchin speaks to Shady Spring Elementary School students

Local - 2/5/2014 5:30 PM by Rebecca Turco

SHADY SPRING – A West Virginia school official visited a Raleigh County elementary school to speak about how to be successful in life.

State Board of Education President Gayle Manchin delivered a speech to third, fourth and fifth graders at Shady Spring Elementary. She discussed how self-motivation can lead to success, as well as the importance of individuality.

Manchin hopes the students are motivated to be leaders and role models to their peers. “I would encourage them that as they're making choices in life, that they see that there are bad examples but there are also some very good examples,” she explained. She hopes the students will “be very thoughtful about the choices that they make in their lives.”

Manchin also quoted Doctor Seuss in her speech to hone in on the importance of being yourself and doing your best.


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